Asus ROG Sheath BLK LTD

Conoce a fondo el mouse pad Asus ROG Sheath BLK LTD un aditamento que sin duda te gustara por su extraordinario diseño, su calidad y su exactitud a la hora de jugar shotters.

Asus ROG Sheath BLK LTD

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Asus ROG Sheath BLK LTD Design

It is one of the mousepad with one of the most attractive designs for my taste, if you are a fan of the brand this design will surely attract you. Also, this design gives a very special touch to your estop when you have the mouse and keyboard on top.

Its size is quite large, it has a surface of 90 cm long by 44 cm wide and contains enough space to place a large keyboard and much more for the mouse.

Asus ROG Sheath blk ltd Coiled


The keyboard occupies half of the mouse pad which is 45 cm long that leaves with an area of 45 cm long by 44 cm wide a space wide enough to slide the mouse even more if you play with a fairly low DPI that is required several competitive games like Fortnite, Valorant, Apex Legends among others.

It is worth noting that this mouse pad has a thickness of 3 mm, which makes it quite flexible and ergonomic and the product feels of very good quality.

Enjoy maximum precision in your games

Asus ROG Sheath BLK LTD Construction

The edges are baked on for maximum durability and help with the sharp corners of the table, for added comfort, the surface is quite smooth allowing the mouse movement to be much faster.

It is not as rigid and as smooth as other mouse pads, it is rather a middle ground that is appreciated because you can perceive that the mouse pad gives a greater precision. 

Also not to be overlooked is the design of the mouse pad which is quite striking and minimalist, personally I like it quite a lot, it is a very good quality print.

In addition to the fact that it does not rub off easily even after washing the mouse pad, the print remains intact. The base is made of anti-skid rubber to prevent the mouse from moving out of place.

Asus ROG Sheath blk ltd roll

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