PlayStation 5

PlayStation 5 es un consola donde experimentaras la velocidad con el almacenamiento SSD, una inmersión más profundo con respuesta háptica, gatillos adaptables y audio 3D, además de una nueva generación de videojuegos y gráficos, conoce todos los detalles aquí.

PlayStation 5

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PlayStation 5

Enjoy your games in the highest quality

The PlayStation 5 is the latest console from Sony, with which you can enjoy a wide range of video games, which is compatible with PlayStation 4 games thus expanding the catalog of the same.if you are wondering if it is worth buying, you've come to the right place, because here we will show you all the details of it.

PlayStation 5

Included in the box of the PlayStation 5

Let's start with what is included with the console when you open the box, the first thing you will find are 3 cables, a high speed HDMI cable, which is about a 1 meter cable. 

The second is a power cable, a standard cable that you will find in almost all consoles.

The third is a USB Type A to Type C cable that will be used to charge the controller or controller. 

It also includes a base that basically serves to place the PlayStation 5 vertically or horizontally, although really to place it vertically is not so necessary. Instructions are included, which are always good to read. 

The DualSense controller, which has been heard wonders in the industry and for many is better than the Xbox X and S series. Finally, we have the console, the main object that will make us spend great hours of fun. 

PlayStation 5 design

Let's take a look at the design of the PlayStation 5, a design that stands out for its curved elements.  

Which looks like it was made by architect Santiago Calatrava, but was made by someone in the PlayStation department.  

Sometimes it looks like a minimalist design and at the same time futuristic, it is quite different from the rest of the consoles, the truth is an incredible design,  

Although if you are going to have some problems when it comes to putting the PlayStation 5 in some places as the size is a little larger than past generations.   

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PlayStation 5 ports 

On the front we have the following ports: 

  • Disk drive 
  • USB 2.0 
  • USB 3.1 Type C 

On the rear side we have the following ports  

  • Power connector 
  • HDMI 
  • Ethernet 
  • 2 USB 3.0 ports 

PlayStation 5 storage 

The final capacity of the console is 825 Gigabytes, it also has the option to expand with an M.2 SSD and can play content in 4K. 

In order to insert the SSD, you will have to remove the side covers and find the connection, doing this does not affect the warranty.  

Unlike Xbox, the different models only have the difference that one model accepts video games in disc format and the other does not, that is to say, one model has the disc input and the other does not, otherwise everything is the same.  

Controller DualSense 

first of all is that it is a very ergonomic control, it is a little DualSenseFirst of all, it's a very ergonomic controller, it's a little bit more heavier than the previous control, but has more battery. We have USB Type-C charging, which is very good because you can charge the controller in a very short time. 

Controller of PlayStation 5

The buttons are a clear reference to the portable PSP, transparent buttons with the symbols seen through transparent acrylic. 

Above all, what stands out the most about this device is its DualSense function that basically adjusts the vibrations according to the game and can have an effect on the game. 

You can feel the triggering, acceleration and even footsteps in some situations, using the DualSense control is an experience not to be missed.

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Play Station 5 Power 

This console is really a big change from the previous generation, when you are already using it, it is quite noticeable. 

The loading of the games is very fast, the way it displays the menus is also flying compared to last generation. 

The games really look great, the ones that are already optimized for PlayStation 5 stand out quite a bit and the ones that are not look a little better, which is appreciated. 

Most of the current games run at 120 PFS per second and it shows, although you must have a compatible screen and in many cases you will have to give up the 4K function, but for competitive games it works great.  

Todos los productos de la familia de PlayStation 5

Variety of devices

We have a range of compatible output devices, aunque se espera que en un futuro haya algunos más. 

Aspects to be improved in the PlayStation 5 

Details that would have been better 

The 825 Gigs storage as of today I think is too little, they would have given the option to buy it with more gigs of internal storage maybe 2 TB or something like that.  You don't even spend two weeks with the console when your storage is full and then you have to delete some games. 

I know that you can expand the storage, but this of course would probably reduce the load of video games a minimum, for many it is very simple to add other SSD, remove the covers and put the storage, but for many this will be very complicated, only time will tell how all this will evolve.  

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