Asus ROG Sheath

Desde ahora te adelanto que el Asus ROG Sheath es un mousepad que sin duda te gustara, hasta el momento la una contra que le he encontrado es el precio a comparación con otros parecidos, pero en todos lo demás este me ha encantado bastante, conoce aquí todos los detalles de este gran mousepad.

Asus ROG Sheath

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Asus ROG Sheath First Impressions

First of all, let me tell you that this is a huge mouspad, if this is your first Gaming mouse pad you will be surprised with the size.

In my case it almost occupies half of the table where I had planned to use it, so I had to remove some things to leave the mouse pad well accommodated.

In the box comes the mouse pad and some stickers with the Asus ROG logo, one white and one black, I put the white one on my Kindle oasis and it has been there for a year without peeling off, so if you're wondering, yes, the stickers are of very good quality.

Asus ROG sheath Mouse Gaming

Optimized Surface

The surface is smooth, but not that smooth, I have seen other mosepad that are smoother and not as stiff or rough as others.

It's a middle ground, but that's perfect for a gaming mouspad because you can have more precision for example in shooters.


When you see the mouse pad from close up you realize that it is a quality mouse pad, the material, the stitching, the edges, all the details.

The bottom is a plastic, sticky material that adheres very well to surfaces, once it is in place it is very difficult to move it, and the ink used is of excellent quality, it does not look like a lump or anything like that.

Asus ROG sheath detalle

Asus ROG Sheath size

Another aspect in which we must delve more about this Asus ROG Sheath is the size, as I told you, this mouse pad has a very large size the exact measurements are; 900mm x 440mm x 3mm, enough to put the keyboard, mouse and monitor stand without problem.

Although the base of the monitor is not necessary to put it inside the mousepad, it gives a very nice touch to have all the elements of the PC inside the mouse pad, so go preparing the space on your table for when you have it.

The keyboard would also seem that it is not necessary to put it inside the mousepad space, but when you put it you notice how it has a better grip and it doesn't move at all, something that I really didn't expect. I only bought the mouse pad for the mouse and with this one I realized that it also has other functions besides aesthetics.

Asus ROG Sheath Conclusion

When I first saw the price in comparison to the others, it was a bit pricey, but I decided to take the plunge, because I like the Asus ROG logo and it would look great with my setup.

But now after buying it and using it for all this time, I realize that it is a useful add-on.

For the mouse and keyboard and with the sewing edge it has, it will be comfortable if you use it at the edge of the table.

The truth is that I am very happy with my purchase and if it is a product worth buying, I do not know if the other similar products have the same quality as this one, but I know very well that this one is of excellent quality.

I leave you the Amazon link in the following button in case you want to see the price or buy them or see the comments.

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