Xbox Series X

Xbox Series X

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Xbox Series X Design

In the design part the first thing we will notice is that it is a super minimalist prism, some may prefer this design others may not, I particularly love it, I think it is super easy to combine with different furniture, environments and so on. and the truth is that it is not as big as many say.

It is super dense so you lift it up and realize that there is no wasted space and they used every cubic centimeter for something.

Very good work by Microsoft, they have been making excellent hardware for dozens of years.

It tends not to be so easily cleaned, so I would use a microfiber cloth to clean it and if it is very dirty due to grease from fingers or whatever, a little bit of moisture just wet and wipe it slowly until any marks are gone.

It is best to leave it for the first time in a piece of furniture and leave it there forever, and not to complicate things.

Xbox Series X Controller

I want to tell you a little about my experience with the new control.

The differences exist and you will realize it mainly when you use it or simply if you grasp all the details I am going to tell you.

We absolutely agree that it is a better integration, however it is a new version with little extra details.

It's not a substantially different control and that the previous Xbox one controller passes for a bad controller next to this one.

In fact, there are a few small details that I like more in the Xbox one control, but then everything else in this one I found superior, first let's see that the performance is much more immediate that is the hysteresis cycle was reduced.

Xbox Series X Control

One of the things that has changed is the trigger travel, which is now shorter than in the previous control.

So we are going to have to use less force with less travel to make it perform, it makes a big difference.

There is a clear difference after the triggers or triggers not only we have a physical difference where we will see that this curve begins much earlier than what happened in the previous control, you will see that the difference is very marked. which allows us to put the finger and start to act the trigger without having to take the finger to the bottom.

Then we can use a part of the Phalange to start lowering the trigger a little, it is simply more comfortable in general and more ergonomic.

At the same time we have a texture on top that allows us to have a little more grip.

The analogs are mostly the same, that is, if you feel it super smooth, the button sounds and feels the same way, I really don't feel that one is much better than the other.

Of course now we have USB type C and the audio output via 3.5 mm is ok, so it was what I expected from a control like this.

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It's time to talk about the performance, is it very good? yes, but it depends a lot on each game and of course on the configuration inside each one. the reality is that Microsoft with the release of the x series and the s series, does not have any star game like Halo Infinite, which has not yet arrived.

I mean, I think we're going to have to just wait a while longer for games to come out, whether they're the ones that are announced, whether they're not announced yet, we know that they're being developed, they're going to start developing every 2 or 3 years or whatever and they can take full advantage of the capabilities.

For example, Assassins Creed Valhalla looks great, maybe for me it is a little dark in general but the truth is that the performance is fabulous that is 4K at 60 frames, I did not feel at any time, in any case to any change of anything.

And this is what happens with most of the games nowadays, there are none that force it to such a degree that a significant reduction is achieved.

The games look great not that I'm disappointed, not at all the experience was very good in all cases the issue is that I come back to the same thing I think to really see how much this can perform, we will have to wait a bit.

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Xbox Series X Isométrico

HDR in Xbox Series X

Now the HDR issue obviously depends a lot on your TV, it has to be HDR certified.

So each of the games, regardless of the configuration that they can do externally or in the console system, will allow them in general (not all) but it will allow them to control or configure how they want the HDR to be seen.

In some games, for example, you will be able to choose the minimum black point or the maximum white point and other parameters.

So I suggest that for each game you take a very few minutes to set up what HDR will look like on your TV, because the results can vary to the point that the contrast will change quite a bit from game to game.

Xbox Series X Atrás

Xbox X Series Ports

The time has come to show the ports that the Xbox X Series has, which for the front, are the following:

  • Disk drive
  • USB 3.0

These are the ports you will find on the back of the Xbox X Series:

  • USB 3.0 ports
  • Ethernet
  • Power connector
  • Expansion card
  • HDMI

Game loading and Quick Resume

but for me the big feat, is that the games load much faster from scratch is noticeably different from what we had the previous versions.

Because if we go from hard disks or mechanical to solid state it is quite noticeable, but also the Quick Resume is amazing and probably many of you already know what it is, or have seen it, read about it.

But when they experience it, that is to say, when they grab the joystick control, the console and the TV automatically turn on, because everything is connected by HDMI, it takes about 5 to 10 seconds and they are already playing.

But not only are they already playing a game, but there are 6 other games already loaded, but this is not enough, they are at the same point where they left off, and this in a matter of seconds. This is simply mind-blowing.

Ventilation and noise solution

Now, the gold and the truth that does not ask too much, but the console running at 4K at 60 frames, all the time non-stop with the graphics at maximum, could not even make me listen to the console.

Even in those moments when there is perhaps a scene with the volume turned down very low, no music and only dialogue and maybe a campfire going off in the distance, the job they did with this 130 mm fan is absolutely excellent.

If you use a sound meter you bring it close to the console where the air comes out, you will hear some noise, something like 38 decibels, but nobody is going to play with the console glued to the ear.

If you put your hand on the top part of the ventilation, you feel that there is convection, you feel that heat comes out but we do not want the fan running like an airplane turbine, like it does not care anything or these games really can not stress to the maximum, so I'm saying that we do not reach the limits this console and if it is inaudible having it close let alone as we are playing on the couch at 1m and a half 2m is possibly what I liked most of the whole console because it really is very well done, the cooling system.

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