7 recommendations for a good Streaming video games

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If you are passionate about the world of video games, it is very likely that you have considered some time to become a streamer.

Broadcast your game live and share your experiences with the audience is an activity that increasingly has more followers, and that can become a form of entertainment and income.

But, how to make your streaming will be successful? In this article, we offer seven recommendations that will help you make a good streaming video games and to stand out in the crowd.

1. Define your style

Before starting to transmit, it is important that you have clear what is your style of play and what is the image you want to convey. Are you a player competitive? Do you prefer strategy games or adventure? Do you want to be a streamer relaxed and fun, or an expert in your field? Define your style and make sure your audience knows what to expect of your transmissions.


2. Take care of your computer

To make a good streaming of video games, it is essential that you have a good team. Make sure that your computer or console that they have the capacity to transmit and that you have a good Internet connection.

Also it is important that you invest in a microphone and a camera quality, so that your audience can hear you and see you clearly.

3. Interact with your audience

One of the main advantages of the streaming it is the ability to interact live with your audience. Be sure to respond to comments and questions that will make your followers, and make them feel part of the experience.

You can take advantage of social networks to promote your transmissions and to maintain contact with your community.

Interact with the audience

4. I know constant

To win followers and consolidarte as a streamer, it is vital that you be constant in your transmissions. Set a schedule and try to stick to it every week.

This way, your followers will know when they can see you and will be more willing to accompany you in your games.

5. Learn how to monetize your streaming

While the streaming video games may be fun and exciting, it can also become a source of income.

Learn how to monetize your transmissions through platforms such as Twitch, YouTube or Facebook Gaming. You can receive donations from your followers, to advertise brands related to video games or even sell their own products.

6. Create a personal brand

To stand out as streamer, it is important that you create a personal brand that identifies you. Choose a user name that is easy to remember and reflect your style game.

Design a profile picture and a cover, attractive, to call the attention of the viewers. You can also create a slogan or a phrase that represents you.

7. Have fun and be genuine

Finally, remember that the most important thing is to have fun and be authentic. Viewers appreciate streamers that are shown as they are and enjoy what they do.

Do not try to imitate others streamers or be something that you're not.

Be yourself and show your passion for video games. Make sure that your transmissions are a unique and exciting experience for your followers, and you'll see how your community grows and strengthens over time.

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Frequently asked questions about how to make a good streaming

What platforms are the best to make streaming video games?

There are a variety of platforms, such as Twitch, YouTube and Facebook Gaming, which offer options for streaming video games. It is important that you evaluate what is the one best suited to your needs and objectives.

Is it possible to make the streaming of video games a source of income?

Yes, it is possible to monetize your transmissions through donations, advertising, brands or sell products. However, this requires a constant effort and the building of a strong community.

What is needed is a top-range equipment to make streaming video games?

Not necessarily, but it is important to have a team that has the capacity to transmit and a good Internet connection. It is also advisable to invest in a microphone, and a quality camera.

How can I interact with my audience during the streaming?

You can use the comments and questions that you get your followers to interact live with them. You can also promote your broadcasts on social networks and keep in touch with your community outside of the streams.

Is it necessary to have a set schedule for streaming of video games?

Yes, it is advisable to set a fixed schedule, so your followers know when they can see you and is willing to accompany you in your transmissions. This will also help you to be constant and to strengthen your personal brand.

In summary, to make a good streaming video game requires dedication, effort and passion. Define your style, take care of your team, interact with your audience, be consistent, learn how to monetize your streaming, create a personal brand and, above all, have fun, and be genuine. If you follow these recommendations, you'll be on the right path to becoming a streamer successful and to share your love of gaming with the world.

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